Three-day one on one immersive experiences.



Three-day one on one immersive experiences in Tulum.


After my cancer diagnosis in June of 2019, I lived in so much fear, anger and blame.  I felt betrayed by my body and prisoned by the diagnosis of cancer and fear of recurrence.  I was not happy and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life.  I was a lost angry soul until one day a humming bird and a dragon fly told me my life needed to change and that it WILL change.  Once I was open to embracing change, I met Marisa a month after the visit from my spirit animals.  A couple months later, on 22.2.22, I took the plunge and began a beautiful 2 ½ month transformational journey with Marisa.

My journey with Marissa began in the jungles of Tulum, where I reconnected with my ancestors, awoke my inner child and dreams, dug deep into the root of all my fears and moved through all the traumatic layers that kept me from being the woman I wanted to be. For another 8 weeks, I continued to work on everything transpired during my time in Tulum with Marissa.  We shared, we laughed, we meditated, we moved, we breathed, we screamed, we danced.. I cried and I dreamed. 

Marissa is a kind, caring and beautiful soul who has guided me to rediscovering my purpose in life.  I have been reminded of my inner childhood dreams and reconnected with the child who knew what she wanted to do in life but for so many different life experiences, she got lost. I am healing and I now have so much love and connection with myself and the universe. I am transforming and my life is no longer guided by my fears but by my love and passion for life.  I am grateful I have crossed path with Marisa and look forward to all the changes I have envisioned. Thank you Marissa for being my guiding angel.



Dear Marissa, I will try to put everything I feel into words - seems impossible! I came down to meet you without knowing much about your technique or process. WOW, that seems to be the only fitting word to say. I could not even imagine all the beauty that comes from your challenging (and sometimes scary) life-changing experiences. Today, I feel so light and full of love, and all I want to do is go out and share this/me with the world. I am the problem, and I am the solution. You have been the greatest gift I've ever given myself. I will forever be grateful the Universe put us together.



A year and a half ago, I was in a very sad place. I felt stagnated. I felt I was not going anywhere, and I found this enormous detachment within myself for me and for others. I found it very hard to open myself up and let people in. I lacked joy and the ability to fall in love and let myself be loved. And as life will have it, I came across Marissa. What she offered me, what she help me through, what she help me to transform was beyond my expectations.

She help me reveal parts of me that I was not even aware of; I didn’t even know those were the parts that were holding me back to experience life as I’m doing today. Marissa is a gift, and there is nothing I can ever say about her that will truly describe who she is and what she is offering. She brought me to the place I am today, a place of complete peace, a place of true connection with myself and everything that surrounds me, a place of love. I am living finally to my fullest potential, and every day that potential is growing bigger and bigger, same as my love for life. Thank you, Marissa.



The last two years have been a shit storm. My life unraveled in such a difficult way. Nothing could prepare me for facing fear head-on. Every day became a challenge. I knew that if I didn't work through what had happened, I would continue down the same path. I contacted Marisa in 2019 and asked her to work with me through all the pain I was experiencing. Upon her return from speaking at the Women Economic Forum, Marisa started what would be the most important work in my life.

Because I lacked clarity, Marisa was able to help facilitate truth, clarity, love, compassion and move me away from scarcity to a place of acceptance and flow. Through breathwork, journaling, movement, and reflecting, I became open to something new for myself. I started to develop my own agency and sense of self. I found my voice, and in that voice, I was able to set healthy and appropriate boundaries in my current relationships. More importantly, I started to make decisions for myself. I returned to trusting in myself. What I learned through this process changed how I would move forward in my life. I still experience doubt and fear, but the intensity and frequency are less.

The fear is manageable. What has changed is my ability to move through this process and to trust myself and that I know what I am doing. The work with Marisa has transformed how I navigate challenges and has given me a new lens to approach life. If you're looking to change your life and unshackle old patterns that have held you, hostage, the work you do with Marisa will be life-giving and transformational. I highly recommend Marisa as a Transformational Coach.


When the pandemic started, I knew that I could use this unique time for self-betterment. I became aware of Marissa and her work, but did not think it would be for me. I've never thought of myself as a 'spiritual' person, and while I was willing to try to work with Marissa, I didn't put a lot of faith into it going anywhere. Very quickly, I developed a great deal of trust for what we discussed and the work that we were doing together.

She told me in one of our first sessions that I was the only one who could save me, but her support and the safe space she created allowed me to do work that I had never been able to do with therapists, friends, or anyone else. Through our sessions and the homework that she provided, I was able to have the structure I needed to dig into aspects of myself that I had buried away, coming to terms with some things that I'd lost hope of ever reconciling and others that I didn't know still bothered me. I now have experienced how the energy within me can be channeled for self-healing and how my own journey through this work can get me closer to others.