Beyond the Mind


3 day 1-on-1

Immersive experience on-site in Tulum, Mexico.

24 Coaching Sessions

90 min per session over eight weeks.

3 Breathwork Sessions

90 min each session via Zoom or in-person.


It is the transformation process that changes the way of thinking, being or living of a person.

Metanoia is an in-person deep dive experience for individuals who want a unique transformational experience without walls of life. The journey begins in Tulum with a three-day immersion working to uncover the root issue(s) of blocking patterns and inhibiting behaviors as we utilize the jungles of Tulum as a backdrop to move through the patterns, conditioning, and possible traumas that have kept you stuck, stagnant, and unconsciously repeating cycles.

The specific venues, sessions, and activities will transform your life by confronting the blockages at the root cause, enabling the healing within, and unlocking your true potential to live fully HERE and NOW.


The initial three days are in-person in Tulum, working one-on-one to identify and acknowledge the root cause(s). After returning home, the core work begins. Our coaching sessions will be via Zoom (or in-person when location permits) three times a week for the following eight weeks. We approach each session with intention, break down the barriers holding you back, and rebuild from the root issues while continuing to move forward. Each session is up to 2 hours, depending on the session's focus. This program is an intense and concentrated approach to enabling powerful shifts in living your authentic life from a space of acceptance and love.

It is a unique transformational experience with up to 88 hours of facilitated coaching and enlightenment in just two calendar months. Upon completion, you will become and feel a completely different existence....a human living its most authentic existence.

Additional program details:
• A total of 40 hours of immersive coaching in Tulum.
• 24 sessions over eight weeks; up to 48 hours of coaching via Zoom or in-person (if location permits)
• includes a four-star hotel for two nights and three days.
• All meals and experiences included during your time with me.

8 Weeks of